7. Storyboarding – Choose one of the character designs provided to applicants (Adam the boy or Alex the alley cat) and using the four-panel storyboard show the character as it goes through the following narrative:
• Panel 1 -The character finds a box and shows curiosity.
• Panel 2 -The character is frustrated when the box proves difficult to open.
• Panel 3 -The character is pleased when the box finally opens.
• Panel 4 -The character is shocked, horrified or pleased when the contents are revealed

Note: Please remember to number your panels. It is alright to draw larger panels and then reduce them to fit the storyboard template, but you must include the original drawings as well as the reductions.

(The provided characters will be changed every year, so DO NOT use these for your portfolio. You must wait until the Provided Characters are sent to you after you apply!)

These are the two characters that are provided that you must use for this part of the portfolio.
Both of these guys are fairly simple looking, but they might actually be a bit tricky to keep on model.
With whichever you pick to use for the storyboard, it's really important to draw them a lot before you actually start, just to familiarize yourself with their structure, shapes and details. Trace it over and really get used to how they're built, you want the final storyboard to be as on model to the original as possible.



I incorporated my character design into the board and my room drawing, so in the last panel, "Arrow" was in the box and jumps out at Alex and he freaks out.